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Number one, three letter words let you access areas of the board that are blocked off - especially tighter areas.Number two, three letter Scrabble words give you a good shot at placing tiles parallel to existing words, earning you GIANT points!


When the "Find Words" button is pressed the Scrabble Cheat inputs the letters you entered and finds all possible words using them in the selected online dictionary.The anagram solver takes any words left and sorts them for display by length, going from longest to shortest.Our Scrabble Word Finder uses an online dictionary to create a list of anagrams.The word finder uses a variety of dictionaries to locate the correct words for your physical location around the world.

Have fun and remember to only use our Scrabble Cheat to expand your vocabulary and speed of play.Use the tool as a word finder anytime you need Scrabble help and are practicing.


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