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Dont abuse anybody in chat rooms Do not share your email or phone numbers Chatrooms tells your inner behaviour.Why do women love talking about relationships and feelings with their girlfriends while men seem drawn to computer games, new gadgets, or the latest sports scores?Does it really all just come down to our upbringing?If there were a seven star option I would give it to this book Christie Davies Simon Baron-Cohen is Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Cambridge University and co-director of its Autism Research Centre.He has carried out research into both autism and sex differences over a twenty-year career.Most revolutionary of all, The Essential Difference also puts forward the compelling new theory that autism (and its close relative, Asperger's Syndrome) is actually an example of the extreme male brain.His theory can explain why those who live with this condition are brilliant at analyzing the most complex systems yet cannot relate to the emotional lives of those with whom they live.



We all know the opposite sex can be a baffling, even infuriating, species.

Why do most men use the phone to exchange information rather than have a chat?


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    Net is useful for displaying large data in a tabular format.

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