This boost can occur during the sales process or after an employee or company policy creates a negative backlash.

Public relations done right includes being able to monitor your reputation, address positive and negative situations appropriately and in a timely manner and pre-emptively provide information to build confidence in your company, your staff and your way of doing business.

The sari obviously has an emotional attachment for her.

The term, public relations, typically conjures up an image of someone at a press conference trying to B. their way out of a bad situation of their company’s making.




Who are you most likely to invite into your home to fix a leaky pipe, the company that just sent their employees to a customer service seminar (which you read about because they sent out a press release) or the company that mailed you a coupon?If you said the company with the coupon offer, you represent a very unloyal and therefore undesireable segment of the market who’s business is always up for grabs.


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