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An unnamed hacker is selling over 32 million Twitter cleartext passwords on the Dark Web for only 10 Bitcoin (~,800).

Leaked Source, the company that has obtained the data thanks to a benefactor, says that there are 32,888,300 records included in the data dump, and not 71 million, as the hacker is claiming.

The company adds that the data includes entries with a recent timestamp, but does not believe Twitter got hacked.

Leaked Source says that this was not the source of the hack since his username or email was not included in the 32 million credentials dump.

Previously, hackers had been selling data obtained from hacking services such as My Space (427,484,128 records), Linked In (167,370,940 records), Tumblr (65,469,298 records), (100,544,934 records).


"The join dates of some users with uncrackable (yet plaintext) passwords were recent.

There is no way that Twitter stores passwords in plaintext in 2014 for example," the company's experts explain today.



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