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That means everything from a more consistent look and feel, technological similarities under the hood and the ability to develop and release apps across mobile, desktop and Xbox One with the same code.In practice that will lead to more and better apps for the Xbox, though whether or not developers will take the opportunity to make more than a limited selection of video apps (with games covered elsewhere on the system) remains to be seen.If this does not fix the problem, try the next solution.In some cases after an update, you might get the message "Connection to Xbox Live has been lost” when you try to start a game or an app, and you may be signed out of your account.Removing the temporary files on your console might solve the problem. If the solutions above did not fix the problem, copy the console update from your computer to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD, and then install the update on your console.For instructions on how to install the system update from a USB flash drive or CD/DVD, see How to get a new Xbox 360 update.


If this does not fix the problem, try the next solution. If this does not fix the problem, try the next solution.

The New Xbox One Experience (NXE), as it is styled, is expected to be a significant download ("because there is a vast breadth of refreshed content available, it will be larger than previous Xbox One system updates" Microsoft informed WIRED).

But it's also delivering a number of new features and concepts that will potentially transform how the console looks, and how it works. Doing so should be pretty simple -- it's possible that your Xbox One will download it automatically, depending on your Instant-On settings, and that it will install when you try to login.

Of course you can still do all the cool stuff you could before if you have a Windows machine, including stream from the Xbox One to your PC.

That might be a bit of an annoyance if you were hoping to jump straight into Halo, but it will be worth it.The NXE runs on the skeleton of Windows 10, Microsoft's increasingly ambitious and ubiquitous operating system.


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