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The tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 and the continued earthquakes in South Asia all occurred on these important days.

And hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma each whipped up in accordance with these planetary configurations.[...]Another planetary event I'll monitor closely concerns the Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

In Homer's The Iliad, Zeus was depicted as controlling the weather over the embattled Greeks and Trojans.

In the past year, the Earth's crust has been rattling its warning with destructive and deadly severity.

The ancient Greeks regarded this as the master cycle.

Nostradamus may have also used it as a guide to write his prophecies.


This cycle has moved into a square alignment (when two planets form a right angle) and will hold sway over the entire year. Jupiter (expansion) is in Scorpio, a sign in financial astrology that indicates debt.So the growth of debt leading to bankruptcies could be a problem.



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