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A retirement account to which an eligible employee can contribute a certain amount of his or her pretax salary; earnings are tax-deferred.

Some employers may match a stated percentage of employee 401(k) contributions.

On Saturday, October 15th, middle school choir students from Region 21 competed for a spot in one of the Middle School All-Region Choirs.

Students prepared a selected set of choral songs, as well as studied choral sight reading.

Have you been wondering how the Bond will affect your taxes?

We've put together a short video that breaks down the formula soyou'll have a good idea just what the increase will be should BOTH propositions pass.

The reduced cost and liability of 401(k) plans appeal to employers.

The process of ensuring that the beginning balance plus the sum of all entries on an account statement equals the ending balance.

The function of compiling and providing financial information primarily by reports referred to as financial statements.Accounting includes bookkeeping, systems design, analysis and interpretation of accounting information.The method of keeping accounts which shows all expenses incurred and income earned for a given period of time, even though such expenses and income may not actually have been paid or received in cash during the same period of time.On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, Whitehouse FFA Chapter Officers, Greenhand Officers, and Committee Chairmen volunteered at Farm Day at the Fair for State Fair of Texas.

Farm Day at the Fair is a program providing in-class lesson plans culminated by a learning excursion to the livestock barns at Fair Park.

A person who participates in a qualified pension, stock bonus, or profit-sharing plan, a qualified annuity plan, a tax-sheltered annuity (TSA) plan, a simplified employee pension plan, or a local, state, county, or federal retirement plan has active-participant status, as does his or her spouse.



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