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I said (as I recorded here a few weeks ago) to such people that they should listen to me while they could.

I was content if they would only listen to me and moderate their policies.

I did not even seek to wrest power from them, if they would only moderate their dogmatic revolutionary drive.

I believed (and still believe) that they had made a mistake even on their own terms, that they could not possibly want the consequences of what they were doing.

People who think their own opinions make them virtuous have the most closed minds of all. Sick as I am of this behaviour, it has not sent me over the edge of rage and into unreason. I don’t buy goods I don’t want, just because the shop involved has nothing I do want. If only people had the sense to see it an d act accordingly, not voting is a much higher duty. Jobs gone, homes gone, savings wiped out between supper and breakfast, shortages of everything from milk to electricity. It could be you, ten years’ hence, selling your worldly possessions at the roadside (as in the opening scenes of ‘The Third Man’) to stay alive.

In the end, this was the Weimar Republic and they were courting a grave risk that they would eventually drive people too far. I cannot see what I can actually do, except try not to make things worse.

The response was sometimes personal abused, sometimes total, frozen indifference, very, very occasionally a brief, fairly uncomprehending attempt to see my point which came to nothing. I don’t like these deep and increasingly spiteful divisions. Actually, my willingness to listen sympathetically to some of the worries of the Remainers has met with total indifference too.

To suggest to them that mass immigration is risky and destabilising; to urge that the married family needs to be supported, not dissolved; to say that education needs more rigour, discipline and selection; to advocate the deterrent punishment of crime rather than its indulgence; to suggest that pornography and swearing may damage civility; to object to attempts to abolish national borders and sovereignty; to say that violent liberal intervention in foreign countries is dangerous and wrong…


Today , for the second time in five months, a left-wing elite paid the price of ignoring, for many years, the warnings of civilised and tolerant conservatives.I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been, when trying to debate politics with readers of the Guardian and the New York Times.I don’t like the crumbling of old constitutional conventions and the increasing treatment of opponents as enemies. I doubt if one in a thousand of them even knows that I disapprove of the Referendum and that I think they had a case at the High Court.Even now they are so self-righteous they cannot imagine any opponent giving them the consideration they would never give in return. Just because your entire life hitherto has been lived in peace, stability and security, doesn’t mean this is guaranteed to last forever.


The Department of Health (DH) helps people to live better for longer.We lead, shape and fund health and care in England, making sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.



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