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Also, I heard that Jung Yoo Mi was doing it, and I had the thought that I really wanted to do it." Discovery of Romance with unique characters will begin on August 18.

Reuniting with Jung Yoo Mi after seven years since their last project together, Shinhwa’s Eric shared that it was quite awkward.

I saw that he had lost a lot of weight one day so I told him to gain some weight. I can’t remember.”KBS 2TV’s new romantic comedy Discovery of Romance is set to air on August 18.

On August 14, Eric, along with the cast and director, attended the press conference for KBS’ Discovery of Romance at Times Square Mall in Youngdeungpo.

On acting with Jung Yoo Mi again after MBC’s Que Sera Sera in 2007, Eric stated, “I did a meeting with Jung Yoo Mi after seven years, and at first, it was really awkward because we haven’t seen each other for a while.

But now, we’re not that awkward.” “In Que Sera Sera, there were a lot of love and hate relationships, and they just ended with lingering feelings,” explained Eric.

“This time, there are a lot of lovey dovey scenes, so I think we’ll be able to show a lot of moments that weren’t fulfilled back then.”Jung Yoo Mi added, “There was a bit of awkwardness meeting him as a different character after Que Sera Sera, but after time has passed a bit, I think we fit each other better now than before.”Discovery of Romance is about a girl who learned a bit more about love after her ex-boyfriend and new boyfriend come into her life. Eric revealed the advice he received from Jung Yoo Mi.

Returning to dramas after three years, Shinhwa′s Eric revealed why he decided to make his comeback as an actor.

During the press conference for KBS 2TV’s Discovery of Romance on August 14 in Youngdeungpo-dong, Eric revealed, “I stopped exercising because Jung Yoo Mi told me to stop.”Eric shared, “When I was younger, I was envious of the older actors’ wrinkles.I thought the wrinkles show how they lived and allow them to express certain things in acting too.But when I started working out a lot for this project, I lost a lot of weight and gained wrinkles.”Eric then said, “I didn’t care about it much but Yoo Mi said, ‘you’ve gained a lot of wrinkles.You should stop working out.’ So I stopped exercising.”Upon hearing this, Jung Yoo Mi explained, “I only say those things to people I feel comfortable with.

It wasn′t that I was purposely not appearing in any dramas, but Shinhwa promotions were important.I also think I didn′t discover a project that I really wanted to do," said Eric."For Discovery of Romance, I liked it as soon as I read the script.



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