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It was, rather, enabled by the leadership, wisdom and sacrifice of many remarkable men and women whose collective contributions towards nation building should serve as an inspirational benchmark for the rest of us moving forward.

Prominent among those to whom the nation is indebted, are the many committed public servants who devoted themselves to the immense task transforming what back in 1966 was a collection of Tribal Reserves, Crownlands, and concession areas that together formed the British administered colonial Protectorate, into a modern, united, proud and democratic middle income nation.


As a leader he combined the qualities of firmness and determination with patience and the cultivation of mutual respect among his subordinates.

PSP a post whose mandate continues to include the major responsibilities of being the Head of the Civil Service and Secretary to Cabinet, as well as the senior official advisor to the President.

Elijah Legwaila was born at Mathathane in Bobirwa on the 8th of August 1939. Thereafter, his legal brilliance can be seen in his rapid rise through the ranks of the Attorney General's Chambers, which he joined as State Counsel in 1972.

Early evidence of his lifelong commitment to community service can be found in this work as a primary school teacher, prior to his completing his secondary school studies at Moeng College. B.), from the then University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland in 1972, he went on to further studies at Harvard Law School in the United States, where he was awarded a Master's Degree (L. By 1976 he had been promoted to the post of Assistant Attorney General rising to the position of Deputy Attorney General during the following year.


He also served as the Head of the Botswana delegation to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, a field in which he can rightfully be regarded as a local legal pioneer.

It was in recognition of the late Legwaila's outstanding qualities that, in 1989, he was appointed by then President Sir Ketumile Masire as Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), succeeding Festus Mogae.



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