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Brainiac Dating is chockfull of features: games, badge-collecting, blog tools, flirt cards, friend-ing, instant messaging… you can even add music and videos to your profile page.You can store up to 15 photos totaling 2MB to show off your sensible looks.Signing up doesn't cost a thing, and there's no Mensa test beforehand.Anyone who professes to care about brains is welcome.Another neat feature is that you can password-protect your photos so other members will need to receive the password from you before they can see your pictures.It's also possible to put your profile on hold, which means that no one else will be able to view it, but you can still use the other features on the site like the search, email, forums, and blogs.Brainiac Dating offers something a little different.Brainiac Dating.com's motto is: It's sexy to be smart.


Most of the features on Brainiac are free such as posting a profile, replying to email, friending, playing games, collecting badges, creating poetry, blogging and searching.You'll need a premium membership to initiate email conversations and use instant messaging.



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