Wpf updating ui asynchronously


this callback method starts on line 42 and is called End Calculate.The callback method must accept a parameter of Task. And the code did not get more readable because of this.Before the parallel task library we could use a delegate with Begin Invoke and End Invoke. To show you how much this is like the old Begin Invoke and End Invoke methods I named this method Begin Calculate.

After the instantiation of the task, on line 19 we hook the task up with a method that get’s called when that task finishes, this very similar to the old Begin Invoke and End Invoke with a callback method.public partial class Main Window public Main Window() { UI. Load Data(); break; case "Mini Fig Page": ((Mini Fig Page) page). Brick Link Price, item No, color Id), item No, color Id); return await w Async Task Classes. Task Completed += UI_Task Completed; } void UI_Task Completed(Event Args e) { Dispatcher. Page Refresh)); } public void Page Refresh() { var page = ((Content Area)). Load Data(); break; } } } public static class UI { public delegate void Task Complete(Event Args e); public static event Task Complete Task Completed; public static async Task task = w Async Task Classes. Parse Price Summary Async(task, item No, color Id); } } public class Async Task Actions { public delegate void Task Complete(object sender, Event Args e); public event Task Complete Task Completed; public async Task I would look into MVVM, then your async task will operate on the View Model and not the UI element. Search Parts(); break; case "Lego Part Page": ((Lego Part Page) page).

In this post I will try to explain the new async features in my own style, I will try to keep it as simple and clear as possible. This is how this could be achieved before the new async keywords. To the constructor of the Task I pass a method that is going to be executed on a different thread.

This parameter represents the previous completed task. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could write our code without all this multithreading crap all over it, but still have the benefits of the multithreading crap? The line between a Future as a concept and a framework implementation should be clear now. Net represents this with a Task but Win RT used in Windows 8 uses other classes for this.



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