Wordpress site not updating

This is especially true with Google Chrome, which will show you a cached copy of your website instead of the updated version.

If you want to remedy this issue, just click CTRL + F5 or for MAC users Cmd + R.

Start by emptying all caches with your plugin and see if this solves the issues. Here’s what it looks like for the W3 Total Cache Word Press plugin.

Often, when Word Press users experience one or both of these symptoms it’s due to the browser cache.

Sometimes it will say “empty all caches.”After you’ve emptied the cache, you should look at the settings under “Page Cache.”If you find that the option called, “Don’t cache front page” isn’t selected, you may have found your issue.

Here’s what you should do if this happens to your Word Press website.

The one thing you will notice before any other, when your site won’t update immediately, is new posts not showing up on the homepage.


This will reload the page and allow the new version to show up.Another common issue you may be experiences is a bad configuration of the cache plugin you’re using for Word Press.



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