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The expo won’t be opening until Tuesday, but as per usual, several of the industry’s heaviest hitters will be hosting their own events in the preceding days, stage shows where dreams are occasionally made reality—or crushed in front of the entire world.

And what better way to take it all in than with your fellow Gameolgerinos?

You’ll be able to feed your wit directly into our (moderated) chat or send us comments using the hashtag #avc E3 on Twitter.

In the first of Chris's Mumble chats, he and the True and Honest Sonichu fanbase discuss his PS3, video games and Anime. Male homos are bad, but lesbians are OK in his book - to the point of sister-sister incest being acceptable. Oh, and Chris has never imagined what it's like to be a cyborg, but has imagined being born a woman. Chris doesn't have to love his father, but has to respect him. Chris says that he is stronger than Clyde and would beat him up, but fails to describe how.

The findings are consistent with previous mate preference research conducted by Professor Li which found that men prioritise having moderate physical attractiveness, while women prioritise having moderate social status in a long-term mate.

In a few short days, the video game industry will flood downtown Los Angeles for E3, its biggest trade-show extravaganza.

Also, he's related to Anne Boleyn and likes Meg Griffin. Trolls ask nonsensical questions about Sonichu, including the wetness of Bubbles's china. Chris says that his children's comic isn't full of sex, it's 'romance'. Chris says that alcohol is bad because it causes bar fights. A fan asks Chris about a possibly gay friend (based on said friend sitting next to him while playing video games) and a wild Snorlax appears.

The third Mumble chat starts with small talk, then sex talk between Chris and Julie before Clyde takes over in the later stages. All of Chris's female characters think he’s handsome. Julie is getting paranoid and wants Chris to protect her.


Norman Li, associate professor of psychology at Singapore Management University, Oliver Sng, a doctoral psychology student at Arizona State University, conducted various experiments using online chatting and speed-dating methods.

After chatting with the opposite-sex with both low and moderate levels of these traits, men, more than women, rejected and reported less attraction toward potential mates with low physical attractiveness.'That is, they prioritise different qualities when screening each other in online chats and speed-dates – women want men who are at least average in social status while men want women who are at least moderately physically attractive,' Professor Li said.



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