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It’s possible to continue doing it any which way for many years and keep your head above water, but typically the latter 2 are the more sustainable.The problem with that is the potential to never..quite.that bottom and surrender to the fact you have to get out. Despite what the extremists might tell you, meth alone will not kill you or cause you to overdose unless maybe you have some incredibly inconvenient preexisting heart condition.When your meth friends use the term “party,” they do not mean the act of going out for a night on the town.I felt pretty lame when – after a couple months of exchanging ‘partying’ in conversation – I had it pointed out that this referred to the act of being on a speed bender, or simply using speed in general.Downward spirals come in all shapes and sizes, but with this drug, they’re typically happening even if you’re not cognizant of it.The intensity of that usually depends, from most to least, on this order: intravenous (needles), smoking, insufflation (snorting), and oral (pills).


Many will have zero desire to drink while high, and consider mixing to be “wasting the high.” This logic makes perfect sense at the time. The fact is, this shit doesn’t care about your gender or sexuality.I became insatiable, to the extent it was almost life-consuming.That level of desire can you lead people to some weird, weird places.If, when, and how quickly you hit rock bottom can be affected by your method of ingestion.


‘Tina’ might be your aunt’s name, but it’s also short for crystal meth (Christina. Also, ‘Pn P’ refers to ‘party n play,’ which typically involves getting together for some extended kinky hijinks in a motel room and sharing your drug stash along with the lube and bodily fluids. Using meth on a regular basis has this very unique, and entirely unpleasant, effect on your epidermis.I know the general association is with sores and skin picking, but the more common reality is this…paradox…in which your upper layer is simultaneously dry and vaguely slimey.



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