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So Charlotte’s best friend and birthing partner Katie Webb, 23, had to dash out and buy bigger babygrows.Charlotte said: ‘Nobody had an idea, it was a huge shock to all the staff as well as me and my partner but we are just relieved that the birth went so well considering, apart from hurting a lot obviously.She was induced on May 3 and Rory finally made his appearance at 9.04am after an exhaustive labour.‘When he finally come out everyone was stunned and saying how big he was.



My partner’s first words were: "Charl he is huge." But I couldn’t see it at first, he just looked like a gorgeous little baby to me.’ Before weighing Rory, his mother estimated him to be approximately nine pounds, so when they put him on the scales and he registered 12 pounds 7 oz everyone was shocked. I mean that is twice the size of most newborns.’ Surprisingly given the size of her baby, she needed little repair work and was back on her feet within a few hours.

She said: ‘When they took me to the ward and I saw him next to other newborns that is when it hit home how big he really was.

Charlotte was thrilled to fall pregnant in July 2015 after her unexplained infertility meant she was referred for IVF on the NHS.

The former sales executive and her window cleaner fiancé, Mathew, had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for several years.

Eye watering 12lb 7oz Rory is thought to be one of the biggest babies in the UK to be born naturally.

Mother Charlotte Hawthorn, 23, gave birth naturally at Arrow Parke Hospital, Wirral, without an epirdural.



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