Winona texas dating

I would like to meet guys who love God just as much as I do . My name is Allison I am really shy and quiet until I get to know you and then I am really outgoing. I go to a small Church of Christ and am looking for someone who also goes to Church of Christ.If you want to know anything else just ask ;) Hey y'all!I enjoy spending quality time with family, (including children) cooking, reading, outdoor activities, traveling, going to the...I'm Meg, I'm not your average young adult. I don't exist just to please everyone, but I do exist to please my Lord and Savior. I always have an eye out for people that are alone to welcome them.I will say that I have had my times of trouble where I thought that I could do it my own way, but I learned that God's is the way to go. I am very caring, kind, and compassionate towards others I'm 47, 5'2" and I weigh 132 lbs; I consider myself average looking.


I am still young in my life, so I don't have it all... I love God and passionate about helping His people.

I'm full time in ministry (Pastoring) and I'm waiting to be found by that special MAN:waving: DESGINED for me.


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