Windows dns an unknown error occurred while validating the server

Run Tasks [4284] 120810.150231.2615: Client Setup: Join Network Tasks returned Task Status=Failed [4284] 120810.150233.7887: Client Setup: Back from the Client Deployment Wizard [4284] 120810.150233.8043: Client Setup: Saving Wizard Data [4284] 120810.150233.8043: Client Setup: End of Client Deploy: Error Code=1603 So now I know the error is Machine Identity Manager. Get Machine Status(String server Name, String user Name, String password, String machine Name, Boolean& is Admin) at Microsoft. Validate User has Reboot Status=No Reboot [4760] 120810.150231.2459: Client Setup: Exting Connector Wizard Form.Today I was getting an error “an unknown error has occurred” when trying to use the SBS 2011 Essentials connector to add a computer to the console. When I looked at the Client file, I see the error [4284] 120810.150151.4347: Client Setup: Start of Client Deploy [4284] 120810.150152.2147: General: Initializing…C:\Windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files\Client [4284] 120810.150152.2459: Client Setup: Loading Wizard Data [4284] 120810.150154.0399: Client Setup: Current Deployment Status=Running [4284] 120810.150205.5059: Client Setup: Showing the Client Deployment Wizard [4284] 120810.150206.6447: Client Setup: Adding Server Info data in the Product Registry [4284] 120810.150206.8943: Client Setup: Set the Deployment Sync Event [4760] 120810.150219.6707: Client Setup: Running Validate User Tasks at Wizard Page Domain User Cred [4760] 120810.150219.7019: Client Setup: Entering Connector Wizard Form. Get Machine Status had errors: Error Catalog: Other Error Error Code:-2146233087 Let’s get to troubleshooting this issue.In this particular setup, the customer was migrating from Windows 2003 to Windows SBS 2011 Essentials. Run Tasks [4760] 120810.150219.7019: Client Setup: Running Task with Id=Client Deploy. Per other articles and forum posts I read, it was recommended to re-run the wizard a second time. It was also suggested to run the wizard while logged in as a local admin, non domain joined and I got the same results. I then attempted to connect to the new server by doing https://SBS-11E:65515/connect and did not get any certificate errors.I didn’t really care in this case, and proceeded on.I then opened a command prompt on the 2003 server and typed in NET STOP NETLOGON & NET START NETLOGON and pressed enter. I then tried to ping the SBS 2011 Essentials server by FQDN, for example ping SERVER-SBS11E.internaldomain.local which it now was able to resolve.


Validate User has Task Status=Failed [4760] 120810.150231.2459: Client Setup: Task with Id=Client Deploy.

Run [4760] 120810.150231.2459: Client Setup: Task with Id=Client Deploy.


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