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Outside the umbrella of college radio, that album saw very little play on this side of the Atlantic. It’s been in loads of movies and teevee commercials. I’ve learned a lot about the song recently and I’ve had to unlearn some myths about it.

I didn’t know anything about Massive Attack before this album came out, and I haven’t listened to anything of theirs since. The only reason that I sought this record out was that Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins contributed vocals to three songs. I write a lot about a handful of musicians who I call “royalty”, but I put Fraser into a much more elite class. First, here’s the song: “Teardrop” by Massive Attack (featuring Elizabeth Fraser) The song was written by the band without any lyrics.

In their early days, they were more jazz/lounge/ “chill” -oriented, but they changed their style pretty dramatically for their critically acclaimed Mezzanine.

That album was huge in the UK, but only a moderate success in the US. If you’ve ever watched the teevee show House, that show uses a sample of “Teardrop” as the opening theme.

Massive Attack is a trip-hop band from Bristol, England who have put out five proper albums since their inception in 1991.The common theory is that it was closer to the former.Fraser and Buckley had some sort of magical, mysterious relationship that was part mutual respect for singing voice and part something else.Depending upon who you ask, they either had a passionate romantic relationship, or they were pen-pals.

It started as a harpsichord solo and was developed into something else before they got the lyrics written.One of the principal band members, Andrew Vowles, sent it off to Madonna, hoping that she would collaborate with them on the song.



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