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At the tail end of 2009, while they were enjoying some time off to celebrate the holidays before settling in to record their fifth studio album, founding drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan was found dead in his home at the age of 28, from what was ruled to be an accidental overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol.

It was also discovered that he had a heart condition known as cardiomegaly, which may have played a role in his death. “Yeah, absolutely.” But, he adds, “We also realized we needed each other more than ever.” Avenged Sevenfold eventually regrouped, but a rocky road lay ahead.

Zacky- Oh thats my girlfriend Y/N she is also part of our merch crew Interviewer- So how did you guys meet?


You met through a mutual friend but just recently started dating……Interviewer- So Zacky we have been wondering who that girl is we have been seeing you around with?

For any band, suddenly losing one of its own would be a devastating blow; for Avenged Sevenfold, whose members grew up together and had been friends and schoolmates, the loss was a tragedy of almost insurmountable proportions. Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy came onboard to assist with the recording of what would become Nightmare, and to accompany the band on the ensuing tour.



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