Who is troy aikman dating in 2016

“And I looked up and I said, ‘Oh no, am I in trouble? But instead of finding she was being reprimanded, Lucia found Aikman and Corrigan holding a poster that read: “Cayli, Please say YES because Jack is AIK’AN to take you to HOCO!Cayli's mom said she most likely would have recognized Aikman from his Wing Stop commercials.NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman had a hand in scoring 174 touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys, but his latest exploit involved simply scoring a date for a high school sophomore.To her surprise, former Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman was there with a banner - helping Jack pop the question."I opened the door and here he is with this giant flag of a poster asking me to homecoming and of course I was excited I already couldn't speak and then I turned slightly to my left - there's Troy Aikman! Cayli called the invite "super special" and of course she said yes. At first, Jack was concerned Cayli wouldn't know who Aikman was.

The former star quarterback and current broadcaster surprisingly agreed.

With the plan in motion, Corrigan needed to make sure of one more thing: Would Lucia know who Aikman is?



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