Who is tito ortiz dating now

Accompanying him at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, Calif., for the show was his new girlfriend, model Amber Nichole Miller.

Miller is actually a former UFC ring girl who worked UFC 40 when Ortiz fought Ken Shamrock.

Tito Ortiz is back all over the MMA scene and may be returning to fight Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko on May 17.

Ortiz appeared on Bellator’s show Friday and discussed the fight with Shlemenko.

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Miller is not in a position we would wish upon anyone in terms of having to deal with Jameson as the ex, but she definitely seems smitten with Ortiz and comfortable with his sons.

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    Still, I have hope that someone out there will be normal and fun. I got to the point where nobody would msg me back/msg me period.

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    As the second major city in the Philippines, Cebu suffers from the same problems as Manila, though to a lesser extent.

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    The most lopsided ratios, however, are not in these large metros.

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    Strani, kjer uporabniki spoznavajo nove ljudi po principu 'pogovor – pijača - seks', ali pa celo iščejo sanjskega partnerja, so seveda v večini.

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