Who is tipper gore dating

As an adult, she formed a good relationships with him. Tipper (a nickname she was given as a little girl from a lullaby), met Al Gore at his high school senior prom.

The only daughter of a mother who divorced when she was four, Tipper was touchy about having no father when she was growing up, only seeing her dad on Sundays. area, she later said that she was raised to do nothing more than marry and have a family.

Al was pursuing the family political dream as established by his dad, which resulted in four terms in Congress, eight years in the Senate, a run for the Oval Office in 1988 and then the vice presidency of the United States.

In 1985 she began her own campaign against sex, drugs and violence in rock lyrics.

They married on 5/19/1970 before he shipped out for Vietnam. When her husband entered politics in 1976, Tipper gave up her job as a newspaper photographer in Nashville, built a darkroom at their home in Virginia and free-lanced in Washington.


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