Who is taimak dating

I always liked "If a Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)."I use to love Vanity. She also did a couple of B-films, including a bit part in the Canadian Jamie Lee Curtis horror flick "Terror Train", and the Girl-Meets-Gorilla soft core film "Tanya's Island". Her "group" (I think they were just 2 backup singers) was called Vanity 6, had she agreed to be called Vagina the group would have been Vagina 6.Too bad she went koo-koo when she became an evangical Christian. It's mostly written like a teenager trying to sound deep while writing poems and there is NO gossip in it at all and NO kiss and tells. Also, there's several spelling mistakes in the book. Now you're wondering why a girl group with 3 members would bill themselves as anything "6"?It was a bit difficult getting through some of the book (particularly with the kind of typeset it was printed in), but it was definately an interesting read. Prince choose 6 to refer to their collective breasts. Not sure what's worse, all this or Prince's original name for his girl group proteges: The Hookers.


She couldn't sing worth a damn, but "Nasty Girl" is a fun song.I did hear her one solo album "Wild Animal" on Motown (there was a single called "Pretty Mess"), and it wasn't as much fun as the Vanity 6 album.



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