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I just pulled a collection of songs that I thought would vibe well together, and everything was recorded within one to three years ago. Well, you know it just felt appropriate to say something more than singing melody that I delivered in the verses. S.' Deluxe Album, New ' Catty' Single, & Trina Collabo What inspires you to create music? It’s therapy for me when I’m just creating music for myself. If it’s therapy for me, it could possibly be therapy for someone who might feel the same way as I do in that moment. It can save you from doing something stupid or cause you to do something crazy and get outside of yourself. It’s just expression and hopes to make people feel better, elevate them or tap into certain things we like to run away from internally. Let’s talk a little about your record label, Planet 9.

It’s just been sitting around amongst other stuff that’s just unreleased. So yeah, I chose to flow, and I’m a spitting image of my brother Chaz [Cliff Louis], who’s a writer on all four of my EPs. What would you say you are most proud of as it relates to creating your own label? I am listening to Miguel, BJ the Chicago Kid, who just dropped a new project around the same time as I [did], Tori Kelly’s new project. Earlier today, I was listening to some Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. Do you miss the R&B of the '90s, or are you happy with where it’s at now?

A quick peek at her Twitter and Instagram pages will tell you she has a close relationship with her fans, she’s into nature and positivity, she performs all over the world and has aged gracefully. She runs her own label, Planet 9, where she releases all of her own music.

o I had to live with that name for a good two years.

The early tunes of Mya served as the soundtrack to the teenage love affairs of girls who are now women with babies, marriages or at least a handful of failed relationships under their belts. The R&B crooner (real name Mya is for the fans who’ve rocked with her since the beginning.

I didn’t necessarily say, "OK, it’s time to create a project called ." I stay in the studio on the regular. Over the course of the past three years, I’ve recorded hundreds and hundreds of songs, but like I said, when I decided that I was going to put out another EP to complete the EP series and that it would fall on Valentine’s Day, I knew how I wanted it to feel.

I wanted it to feel grown and sexy for the fans that have grown up with me for the last 18 years [who] have kids, getting married and all that.

2 on the Billboard Hot 100, or her first single, 1998's “It’s All About Me,” which reached No. The quality of the music, though, continues to evolve as she challenges herself as an artist.

At 36, Mya has managed to maintain the mystique of celebrity.


I’ve been thinking about some of the content that I’ve been recording, and obviously Valentine’s Day is a popular date for me to be releasing grown-and-sexy music because of the holiday, but also the 18th anniversary of a very sensual song, my first single, “It’s All About Me.” We just wanted to celebrate the anniversary together and I wanted to give [the fans] a bigger appetizer this time, so I went ahead and recorded , which had a '70s step to it.That’s what I wanted to name the project because that’s exactly what it is: real smooth. What kind of head space were you in creating this project?



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