Who is shailene woodley dating 2016 Freecams kitchener

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None of the cast members were informed about Lionsgate’s decision.

And perhaps the lead cast can possibly opt out from the small screen movie idea.

It was not just the fans, even the lead cast was not aware of the cancelation.


Hopefully, the wedding announcement will come soon for the duo.Despite the cancelation of movie, there has been nothing officially revealed about the fate of Theo James and Shailene Woodley in the movie and how the final instalment will proceed on the small screen. However, James has already been engaged to Irish actress Ruth Kearney.They have been in a relationship for years now., which, however, is not in the works now, as mentioned by Chatt Sports Net.


It is further mentioned that the couple wanted a hassle-free marriage with no complications caused by James and Woodley’s on-screen romance.With the recent cancelation, the wedding plans of Theo James and Ruth Kearney may materialize soon.



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