Who is rapper chingy dating

The rapper has earned more than .46 million from all his album sales.Music, and to be precise, rapping has been Chingy’s passion from early adolescence.


Chingy began performing as an opening act when he was out of his teens.

Soon, he was noticed by Ludacris, the famous rapper and entrepreneur, who has helped Chingy to pursue his career, signing a contract with Ludacris’ record label called Disturbing the Peace.

This popular American rapper and actor is recognized under his stage name of Chingy.

Analyzing the earnings received from the sales of albums it can be clearly noticed that the most profitable album is the mixtape “Chances Make Champions” which has added .25 million to the wealth of the performer.

In a while, the first album “Jackpot” (2003) was released which was a perfect introduction to the music world.

The album found its place in American music charts as well as becoming popular in Australia, France, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.



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