Who is mindy smith dating

Why wouldn’t their office building include such characters? Mindy ditches “Santa Baby” after the music starts, once she sees that Cliff left. Well, because Brendan told him that Mindy already had a boyfriend, not knowing that she’d lied, and that said pretend boyfriend was Cliff.) Maria takes over the song, thrilling everyone (particularly a smitten Peter) except Brendan.

(“You should wear that every day.”) Now the plan is in full swing, though of course it’s off from step one, when Mindy identifies a man in traditional African dress as her designated cool guy to talk to.

She whispers about her “man trap” plan to get him to play along with her, but he takes her literally.

97) only to find her office mates had installed a beautiful tree already. Mindy sees the potential, though, so she has a plan: She’ll throw an office Christmas party for the entire building, which includes Cliff.

She asks what that is, rhetorically, only for Peter to provide a typically insensitive answer: “How Hindu are you? It quickly evolves that it’ll have to be gluten-free, since Tamra has Celiac disease, notes a still-smitten Morgan.

Step 3: Say you’re overheated and need some air so he has to follow you to a private location. In a much more promising development, Mindy has a bra that holds two full bottles of wine.

(Please let this be the first in a line of Mindy-branded products.) Danny seems taken with it, though not for vinophilic reasons.



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