Who is matt from dancing on ice dating


Interestingly enough, despite the fandom, Davis and White's emotional connection is something they've needed to work on over the years.

A Tumblr called "virtuemoirlove" is dedicated to GIFs and photos of Virtue and Moir with moon eyes at one another.

Another posted excitedly when Virtue and Moir admitted to dating — when they were just little kids.

"It's hard to do something sexual or sexy with your brother," Johnny Weir said during the short dance commentary.

But these two former ice dancers told The Wire that behind the scenes, dancers' relationships are often more like siblings'. With the free dance airing on NBC on Monday night — if you want to know who won click here — attention has obviously been lavished on the relationships of American team Charlie White and Meryl Davis and Canadian team Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

It's convincing enough that skaters are often asked if they're dating in real life.

Ice dancer Colin Mc Manus, who placed seventh at nationals, tells The Wire, "The population of ice dancers are ice dancers because they love to perform." Teams work with specialists from the world of theater, former competitive dancer Pilar Bosley explains.

The fact that sometimes the connection is romantic can raise eyebrows when there's a brother-sister team like Maia and Alex Shibutani competing.


But their relationship is purposely kept quiet, he told Yahoo Sports. "As an ice dancer, we take our on-ice relationships so seriously, and that's really the way we like to go about it.

[Davis and I] are just presenting ourselves as a team, and all the rest of that [with Belbin] can wait for later." That led Bustle's Martha Sorren to compare Davis and White's relationship to Katniss and Peeta's in — an act for the cameras, without, of course, the threat of imminent death.

The Canadians revealed their childhood romance in a 2010 ." A Sunday Buzz Feed post was headlined, "U. Ice Dancers Charlie White And Meryl Davis Are Basically A Real Life Disney Prince And Princess," a sentiment that's also found on Tumblr.

Jodie Jill of the wrote a story titled, "Meryl Davis, Charlie White dating?

Olympic ice dance couple looks in love," only to reveal in the course of the story that is not actually the case.

White is actually dating Tanith Belbin, a former ice dancer, who is working for NBC Sports during the Sochi Olympics.



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