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Nothing is off limits with Big Time Rush's Logan Henderson!Nothing is off limits with Big Time Rush's Logan Henderson."We had a lot of fun and got into a lot of trouble." Speaking of trouble, ready to be surprised? Logan says the guys have had trouble recently finding dates--but it's just because they have been working so much. He also appeared in an episode of Brain Surge during the week of April 18–22, 2011. Henderson co-wrote many of the songs on this album as well, including the title track "24/Seven".


He, along with the band, have won and been nominated for multiple awards over the past few years. Henderson co-wrote "Time of Our Life" with Nicholas "Ras" Furlong.Henderson signed with Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Records as a part of Big Time Rush in 2009. After releasing four promotional singles including "Big Time Rush", "City Is Ours", "Halfway There", and "Til I Forget About You" the group released their debut album B. He answered all of your burning questions in our live Q&A. Cambio caught up with Logan during his recent photo shoot and we talked Big Time Rush, boy bands (One Direction included! Seems like we're not the only ones excited for the new season of Big Time Rush. "When [One Direction] first came out to the states, they opened for us. "The success they've had has been huge, and it's been awesome to see them take off." Big Time Rush has had some of best opening acts.

"The 4th season is going to be 13 episodes, so it's going to be pretty jam-packed. Boy bands are always hot, but this year especially the UK has sent some amazing acts stateside. "When we were in South America recently, The Wanted opened for us over there, and they're the coolest guys," says Logan. "And obviously the new album and then everybody having fun and doing stuff in between then!

We can see how being away for long periods of time does have it's drawbacks, "I think we're just trying to figure out who's around.



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    I didn’t know them, nor them me, and so walking right into the meeting was a little bit intimidating.

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