Who is lizzy caplan dating now

This wonderful ensemble brings tons of heart to a relatable story about how scary love, sex, marriage, and loneliness can be. Caplan plays Gena, a coked-out mess who returns to NYC for an old friend’s wedding. It’s a very different coming with a short film, because it shows in a shorts program as opposed to your own premiere, and then to have two films here this year is pretty insane.

Besides the utter havoc that she and her gal pals Regan (Dunst) and Katie (Fisher) cause for the bride-to-be at her rehearsal dinner, the trio go on a secret all-night quest to get the bridal dress fid after a drunken mishap. Luckily they’re in separate categories so I’m getting to experience the premiere and also the competition vibe, but yeah, it’s overwhelming. If I wasn’t leaving today, I’d have no idea what day it is.

I’m just waiting for people to tell me where to go and for how long for so many days in a row.

I just need to go home and ercise my independence for half a day or something. I’m not on Twitter, but I’ve been checking it, not having an account, and it’s—I mean, I guess there’s nothing to do about it but accept that’s the way it is now. late summer, and they turned them around so quickly and we’re seeing them now, and so that part of the instantaneous, the immediate gratification, it feels more like television than film, so that I like.

Are you at that stage where everyone starts getting married? I have a couple friends from growing up who are married, but the vast majority of us are not.

I think it’s similar in New York, or maybe it’s just similar in this business.

The way that I see marriage is different than the way my sister sees marriage or my brother, even though I guess they were raised in LA also, but I think there’s something about this business that you can stay sort of young and immature for longer than maybe you should.

I think the themes are just going to start popping up more and more as I approach 30, because that’s just a very appropriate milestone to base a story around.

is a kind of anti-marriage movie, like the happy ending for Alison [Brie] and Martin [Starr] is that they call off the wedding, which is not to say they won’t be together and get married down the line; I’m sure they will.

But it seems like the happy ending comes with calling off your wedding, if you really boil it down and simplify it.



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