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He is the youngest-ever recipient of the Arthur Ashe award for Courage Family: 'It was never a dull moment,' Dobson's mother (pictured, with her sons) recalled in a video shown at the ESPYs.

'It was the joy to me to hear him laugh and for him to bring all his friends around' Love: 'He was so very outgoing and just full of so much love,' Markastin said of Dobson (pictured).

'I'd loved to stand up here and tell you more about Zaevion, all the hopes and dreams he had for the future. But her real message was clear: America's gun laws must be tightened up, and soon.'I'm here to fight back,' she vowed.

'We as a country need to take a stand against the effects of gun violence on families throughout America. I urge you to think tonight about why he died or what you can do tomorrow to prevent the next innocent young man or woman from being lost as well.'Good evening.

Stories: Steph Curry introduced the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage with a speech that called victims of gun violence 'the saddest statistic in America' and reminded those watching that all of them had 'a story' Courageous: The award was given to high-school footballer Zaevion Dobson (not pictured), 15, who was killed in December when he covered three girls with his body to protect them from gunfire during a drive-by shooting A moving video tribute to the young hero then played, featuring testimonies from his brothers and those that knew him, talking of a young man who grew up in humble surroundings, but strove for a better life, for himself and his family.


The issues were raised again during the presentation of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, which this year was posthumously given to Zaevion Dobson, who - at 15 - is the youngest-ever recipient of the trophy.

'When he walked in the room, the room just filled up, you know what I'm saying?

He didn't even have to talk'After the video, the brave teen's mom took to the stage with her two other sons, Zackelyn and Markastin, and gave a powerful speech about her son's heroism that brought tears to the eyes of those in the audience.

We need to rewrite laws to make it harder for the people to get guns.'Some progress has been made, but just a few months ago when Tennessee - a law was passed to allow more people to carry guns on college campuses. We need to go in the opposite direction.'She continued: 'All the athletes in this room you have a lot of power. Tonight is a celebration of sports, celebrating our accomplishments and our victories.


But in this moment of celebration, we asked to start the show tonight this way: the four of us talking to our fellow athletes with the country watching. Because we cannot ignore the realities of the current state of America. It’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, 'What are we doing to create change? It’s not about our responsibility to a condition of activism. To do his legacy any justice, let’s use this moment as a call to action to all professional athletes to educate ourselves, explore these issues, speak up, use our influence, and renounce all violence.



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