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” posted someone else.“john barrowman falling off his chair has made my year,” a third viewer said.It’s been a high-profile week for the ITV lunchtime show, which has already hit front pages after Saira Khan indicated that she gave her husband permission to sleep with other women after she herself lost all interest in sex.What viewers didn’t expect was for Barrowman to slam backwards out of the shot – all the while wearing a huge pair of bright red high heels.The former Doctor Who star was on today’s show and was already on-set when the panel - Andrea Mc Lean, Nadia Sawalha, Sherrie Hewson and Kaye Adams - promoted the episode during a link-up with This Morning.As they teased an item about men walking in women’s shoes, John put his feet up on the desk and revealed himself to be wearing red high heels.“Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” actor John Barrowman gave fans more than they bargained for when husband Scott Gill unknowingly walked into the frame with his penis fully exposed during a Facebook Live segment with fans.Thousands of fans were watching the live-stream when Gill and his sizable appendage appeared at the mark.



Within moments, however, John - seemingly unharmed - rose back to his feet.

The incident caused an instant firestorm on Twitter, with one person writing: “Go home Friday - you're not going to get better than John Barrowman falling off his chair on the Loose Women linkup.”“Omfg, seeing John Barrowman fall right off his chair on Loose Women has truly made my day!



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