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It shows Cajanus in a military outfit with braiding, turban and a fur coat. There is also a lot of useful information on the Internet to do a little more research. After Daniel Cajanus death it was first exhibited as a tribute to him in the Proveniershuis, the charitable institution where he stayed the last part of his life in Haarlem, the Netherlands.On the stone next to him is written: Caianus, born in Lapland who was in London 1734. In the 19th century, it was exhibited in the Gravenzaal of the city hall of Haarlem.Adapted from: Daniel Cajanus (1702/03-1749): de reconstructie van een reus, written in Dutch by Bert C.Sliggers in: Haerlem Jaarboek 1978, published by Schuyt & CO C.Marchant written in 1751 his length is 2.60 m (8 feet 6 inches). which matches a marble marking on one of the pillars in the Grote kerk = St Bavo kerk (kerk = church) in Haarlem, the Netherlands.V., Haarlem, the Netherlands in 1979, ISBN 90.6097.114.0. Wertheim, published by Walburg Pers, Zutphen in 1993, ISBN 90.6011.833.2.and from De Tentoongestelde Mens, Reuzen, Dwergen en Andere Wonderen der Natuur, written in Dutch and edited by Bert C. Most of the following is based on documentation of the city archives of Haarlem and Amsterdam, the Netherlands and information supplied by Mrs. Tamminen, National Committee for History and Historic Monuments, Helsinki, Finland. GENERAL INFORMATION: Pictures of Cajanus 2 paintings of Cajanus still exist: 1.Enoch Seeman (1694/95-1744) has painted the qualitatively best one in 1734.



The portrait presumably moved to Dalkeith House in Scotland after the marriage of the granddaughter of John Montague and the count of Buccleuch.

It is presently exhibited in the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki, Finland, which possesses the painting since 1975. 1734 If you visit your local library and pick up some textbooks on Art History, you can learn a lot more about these painting and the painter. Brand and measures 310 x 170 cm (10 feet 2 inches x 5 feet 7 inches).

It then moved to the church of the village of Spaarnwoude, the Netherlands, where another famous Dutch giant, Klaes van Keyten had been living in the 13th century.

After a major restoration in 1960 it is presently exhibited in the Brouwers-chapel of the St. It shows Daniel Cajanus in a red coat, wearing a hat with a plume and boots with buckles and carrying a sword. Brand The length of Cajanus On the Enoch Seeman painting the length of Daniel Cajanus at the age of 28 years!


(according to Dutch sources he was born in 1702 and according to Finnish sources in 1703, implicating that he was 31/32 years old when the painting was made) is 7 foot and 10 inches, approximately 2.35 m.

In an obituary in the newspaper Opregte Haerlemse Courant (Haarlem, the Netherlands) in 1749 and in a manuscript from J. Stuffers stated in 1915 that his length was 2.64 m (8 feet 8 inches).



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