Who is jessica origliasso dating 2016 chanel 4 dating


Well, good news for anybody hoping that the rumor was true: They are indeed a couple.

star during a radio interview on Australia's Nova 96.9.

Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso are in a relationship again! And it is our love story in this video,” the Queensland-born star said. Origliasso also explained that the timing was right for the two to be together now. ” "She told me ; how can I not believe in fate💘 @rubyrose", the singer captioned an Instagram photo of her and Rose.

The 31-year-old Veronicas singer confirmed the news to Nova FM, telling host Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small that they rekindled their romance when the 30-year-old star directed their new video clip. "It's about the dynamic, the highs and the lows of people in love, in a relationship. A really long time and it was just honestly the craziest thing," Jess admitted. “It’s just this crazy thing when you care about someone for so long and then you have the chance to reconnect,” she said. Rose herself shared the same photo, writing: "Road trip with the most beautiful girl I've ever known and loved @jessicaveronica".

Another one of the few out female celebrities you were happily crushing on is off the market. She's got back together with her ex, Jessica Origliasso, who you may know as one half of The Veronicas (they're an Australian pop duo and I had all their CDs). They broke up, then Ruby Rose got full-on engaged to Phoebe Dahl. And now, here we are in 2016, with Ruby and Jess dating once again. Now, to be fair, anyone following either Ruby or Jess on Instagram won't find it at all surprising that they're dating again. Ruby Rose appears in the video for The Veronicas' new song, 'On Your Side' (another pretty big clue). It's about the dynamic, the highs and the lows of people in love." You know you've loved the right people in life, when they still check in with your mama, and care about them like their own.In the last few weeks, there have been clues all over the place, from photos of the pair together, to Jess sharing a picture of a card covered in tiny stickers of Ruby's face. When asked about the video, Jess told Nova FM: "It's me. @rubyrose your sweet heart & beauty are only matched by your deep compassion.She and Rose first began dating in 2008, and remained friends after their breakup.Filming a music video together was the spark that reignited their flame. A really long time and it was just honestly the craziest thing," Origliasso said.


Here's to the next 10 years of friendship X I love you A photo posted by Jessica • Reishi • Veronica (@jessicaveronica) on Jess went on to talk more about her relationship with Ruby, describing getting back together as "the craziest thing.""We have been friends for eight years," said Jess. She wrote and directed it, and is in it with us and we just sort of fell in love."Well, that's lovely.

The couple are now continuing to share cutesy photos on Instagram and seem very happy together. Especially the Instagram bit, because seeing celebs loved up brings us all kinds of hope and joy in times of dark Brangelina-related despair.



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