Who is jennifer beals dating

She was in hands of talent agent at age of 12 and by the age of 15, she was acting professionally.Her debut film, is a character which made her even more famous among people.It was during the time of filming of season 2 of the L Word.Mia and Jennifer would apparently slip off together to New York City on weekends during filming and were highly speculated to be ‘the lesbian couple in town’.Rumor about Dando being her boyfriend, like the previous rumor has not been verified by the actor.She was even linked with Sam Shepard who happens to be an American playwright, actor, author and screenwriter and director. In October 2008, after seven years in production, Kirshner published the book I LIVE HERE, which she co-produced with ex-Adbusters staffers Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons as well as writer Mac Kinnon.Her versatility has been well portrayed in over 25 movies and 20 TV shows. When it comes to her personal life, is it not less dramatic than a movie.Being a woman who never married a husband, she has quiet versatile love-life.


In 2004, news about the actress being in a relationship with actress Jenifer Beals was the talk of the town.

Shepard is almost 30 years older than Mia Kirshner. Talking about her versatility, she has not limited herself to her successful acting career. In the book, four different groups of women and children refugees from places such as Chechnya, Juarez, Burma and Malawi tell their life stories.

None of the actresses validated the rumor as a fact; rumors about their ‘lesbian saga’ subsided later.

Later in 2006 actress Mia Kirshner was allegedly dating musician Evan Dando.


Mia Kirshner is an actress from Canada who is well known for playing versatile characters along with some troubled, manipulative and sociopathic ones.Having a strong passion for acting, this actor started an acting career at a very young age.



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