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And if you can't accept them for who they are, all their weird quirky traits as much as all the things you love about them, you will never be happy. The fact that someone can propose, with a beautiful ring and say everything you want to hear, and then just change their mind a couple months later. If someone can't handle all the many sides of me, I don't want to be with that person.Marriage isn't at the top of the priority list anymore.The song ‘Glass Jar’ on my record pretty much sums that up.How have you – or have you – been able to move forward? And it has been an amazing opportunity to just appreciate someone for who they are, and who they are not.Initially I was frustrated & for a long time I was very sad. I think in the past I have definitely been accused of telling my partner that they should be more like this, or more like that.But one day I had a thought: I don't want to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with me, I wanna be with someone that can't get enough of me!!! I've learned that you can't change people. These days I am all about communication and checking in with myself to make sure I am being 100% my wacky, anxious, goofy, emotional self.Although, there is a good chunk of songs that deal with heartbreak, this album is really about finding your anchor, finding the strength to pick up the pieces after things don't quite turn out the way you plan, accepting the curve balls that life throws our way, learning the lessons, and rising above it all to see the very best of any situation. I'm very intuitive, so I would say I knew something was up. My song, “I was Gonna Marry You” is the answer to that.I'm very sensitive to changes and energy in relationships even when the other person is putting on a good face. (Watch video below) What are your views about Jason’s single, ‘I Won’t Give Up’?



Tristan Prettyman was left devastated when Grammy winner Jason Mraz ended their engagement in the summer of 2011 just a short time after he proposed.

And the pretty brunette singer has opened up exclusively to about overcoming the devastating heartbreak and how she has moved on with her life with a new love.



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