Who is ian wright dating


The 33 year old actor started his career with modeling at a tender age of 10.

As he turned 17, he finally decided to move further and took up a career in acting.

With the plenty of wealth he has accumulated, Ian Somerhalder spends wisely on himself.

Ian Somerhalder net worth led him owns a plush home in California and a few cars.

The talented star earns a handsome amount from his roles in movies and TV shows.

Currently playing big role in ‘Vampire Dairies’ he is earning ,000 per episode, this significant amount became contributory to Ian Somerhalder net worth.

Starting from a very young age, as a fashion model he never relaxed and has worked quiet passionately.

He also acted in movies like ‘The Tournament’ and currently he is working in an ongoing Tele series ‘Vampire Dairies’ as Damon Salvatore Smart and Dashing Somerhalder has a net worth of around Million.This model turned actor turned producer has worked really hard to prove his real worth.



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