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The costume that Affleck was wearing for the scene took heavy inspiration from , and it included a massive helmet with eyes that lit up.

Henry Cavill says that he had to do some pretty heavy lifting in the fight because the helmet prevented Ben Affleck from being able to see much during their scenes, meaning he had to make sure everything went right.

With the film being recently released on Blu-ray, details revealed from the special features have found their way online.

One of the features showed Henry Cavill explaining that the fight sequence between Batman and Superman was actually incredibly difficult to film because Ben Affleck was basically battling blind during the filming.

The extended edition of the film, known as Ultimate Cut, has recently been released and features 30 additional minutes of on-screen action.

was the Superman reboot many die-hard fans never believed possible.

Turns out, there was a way to supplant Christopher Reeve's earnestly gorgeous man in tights (and his bumbling alter ego) in audience's minds: by updating him with a distinctly twenty-first-century hero.

In a video he shared on his Instagram account, Henry Cavill donned the mask in order to explore the venue without being mobbed by fans, but he still posed for photos and looked around.Henry Cavill eventually found his way to the meet-and-greet table for and asked Will Smith for a photo, lifting his mask as he smiled next to Will Smith.“During a fight sequence, where the person you’re fighting, because of the nature of their costume, can’t see anything, you’re the one who has to be watching for punches…and when you’re punching someone, it’s where to punch, how deep.”.

The video shows that after the picture was taken, Smith realized that the fan was none other than Henry Cavill, and he started to laugh., Henry Cavill had a tough time filming the big fight sequence between Batman and Superman.



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