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The series had just been through its finale last September 2016 but it was immediately re-ordered for a back - to - back season 4 & 5.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "The Last Ship" Season 4's storyline will be centered on the lives of the USS Nathan James' navy sailors. Tom Chandler, the show also boasts of the presence of Bridget Regan (playing Sasha Cooper) and Adam Baldwin as Capt. "The Last Ship" Season 4 is taken after a novel written by William Brinkly.

It has been reported also that the show's season 5 has already been sealed, hence filming will be done simultaneously to catch up for the 2018 airing.

"The Last Ship" Season 4 is expected to gain an enormous number of viewership.



It was revealed by Deadline that the "The Last Ship" Season 4 is created by Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane and jointly, they are also serving as show runners.

The series will have 10 episodes that are targeted to be shown on the small screen in 2017.



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