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I recently caught up with the Motley Crue rocker, who just scored his first top ten debut album this week with his new band, Sixx: A. We'll be designing clothes on the road in the middle of everything else. Us: I read the book over the weekend, this is a very good follow-up to .

M., to ask him about this seemingly odd decision, as well as why he says he’ll never do reality TV. It's a little more artistically driven with the photography. NS: It was set up for failure, and it touched so many people because of the honesty in it, and it feels great.

NS: I have, and I could put out five books of just photography. But someone said, 'no, there's something with the light.' And that was really interesting because I felt that the story was told in the shadows, and I use old lighting. This is a global issue that I'm talking about in this book. Us: Have you been approached ever to do or anything like that? Us: How did your band mates react to what you revealed in the last book?

Very rarely do I use flash, and sometimes I'll even use candle light, to try and reenact some of the feeling that I love in Renaissance style oil paintings. Are they gonna be bothered by some of the things you reveal in this book? NS: No, I was just honest and I believe kind and nice.

Us Magazine.com: How are you going to deal with touring and doing your radio show at the same time? I'm gonna be doing the This Is Gonna Hurt book tour and touring with my bands. Could you tell me a little bit about why you decided to explore that angle of things. I have tens of thousands of images so I decided I wanted to push this idea of my photography out. I don't want it to fail, but I'm prepared to fail.

There are sordid tales of debauchery, odd photos of freaks and lots and lots of skulls.

But it’s biggest surprise is a loving photographic tribute to his ex, Kat Von D -- the same famed star who left him for Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James!



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    Please pay attention — I speak only the truth. This is an offensive slang that is used in the LGBT community, sometimes jokingly, but NEVER in civilized conversation. Many times, I’ve chatted with men in bars who were beyond sweet to me — opening doors and asking my interests — only to have the script flip when I reveal that I’m trans.

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