Who is dating nelly rapper

Last week, Mayweather made headlines after he admitted to posting a photo of an ultrasound to social media, then blasted Jackson again for having an abortion when she was pregnant with his babies.

Mayweather claimed that Jackson first told him that she lost the babies due to a miscarriage, but later found out that she actually aborted them when a member from his Showtime reality show revealed a document indicating the termination.

His lawyer argued his clean record qualified him for a pretrial diversion, and the judge agreed. Read More » Nelly was arrested yesterday in Tennessee after cops pulled over his tour bus and found drugs — specifically marijuana and crystal meth rocks.

According to TMZ, Nelly’s lawyer is preparing a defense in which he argues the drugs found don’t belong to Nelly but rather someone else on the bus.

"Every once in a while ya come across 1 of the good ones...

#rarebreed #braveheart," she captioned in one of the photos.

Uncle Sam nailed Nelly with a ,412,283 federal tax lien in August.The tab is so big, the IRS could start seizing his assets and property.



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