Who is curtis the chef dating

Stone, who is married to American actress Lindsay Price, told her on one of their first dates that he was a Whiskey lover.

“She’s a single malt fan and she said ‘do you like single malt Whiskey?

That's especially true given his unconventional schedule as a chef and TV personality. Hudson and I usually get in the swimming pool, too." Curtis and Lindsay welcomed baby Hudson to the family back in September and Lindsay admitted that in addition to Curtis' talents in the kitchen, he's also exhibited some other skills that perhaps fans might be less familiar with. "He's the diaper master." He's also the guy that's helped her slim down after giving birth less than six months ago, which has earned him yet another distinct title.

"She does all the heavy lifting," he told about his wife. "I'm lucky because I have a very healthy cook in the house and he's very mindful," she explained.

alumna Tiffani Thiessen and husband Brady Smith."Toast to our dear friends for an amazing wedding weekend in Mallorca, Spain.

“Of course I don’t like single malt whiskey at all.” Stone continued to play along with his lie, going as far as buying bottles of whiskey to place strategically around the house.The James Beard awards will be announced on March 24; an event honoring the winners will take place May 4 in Chicago.“I’d always buy some fancy whiskeys on my way through duty free and pretend they were lying around the house.” It was a lie that Stone couldn’t maintain coming clean once they were in an relationship.“Six months or so in I had to confess, I just couldn’t keep drinking it.

“I don’t know how anyone enjoys it,” he said, cringing slightly.

host Curtis Stone admits it's a team effort with his actress-wife Lindsay Price.



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