Who is cm punk dating now

Others thought it stood for “Chick Magnet.”Well thanks to the UFC giving us this session with Punk, we now know for sure what it stands for. Now for those that are still a bit unfamiliar with CM Punk, while it might sound crazy to you, this has been a topic of hot discussions over the years as he made his mark in the wrestling industry. CLEVELAND — CM Punk could have used a folding chair or a tag-team partner.The 38-year-old Punk was on his back less than 10 seconds into the fight.


One day before we are treated to UFC 182 and the huge bout between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, the company has given us a nice little live Q&A session with their newest high-profile acquisition, CM Punk.

Now while some fans were asking some pretty ridiculous questions, including one man who readily admitted that he was intoxicated, we did learn some pretty interesting information.



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