Who is bruno mars dating 2016

“Every song that you write everyone knows your music; everyone sings along to your songs, you have beautiful songs.


The hilarious clip shows Bruno Mars talking to the nurse, who is supposedly treating him for a sore throat as he talks all the nonsense Ellen is speaking into his ear piece.

The funniest moments happen when Ellen goes silent and Bruno Mars is just sitting there in silence as well, the nurse looks confused.

Bruno Mars has been spotted out enjoying a lunch date with his girlfriend in Los Angeles just weeks before the launch of his new world tour.

The 'Locked Out Of Heaven' singer is gearing up to begin his 'Moonshine Jungle' tour, and has been making the most of his time at home by heading out for a romantic date with his girlfriend, actress Jessica Caban.

“They said he wasn’t a star because he wasn’t in the tabloids and he doesn’t have a fragrance…He’s not ready and it’s too big for him and he couldn’t do it and he pulled it off I think beyond what anybody…” Ellen said before Bruno fires back at the haters. I did hear that and I think that was by far the most disgusting thing I think I’ve heard. ” There was also a lighter moment during Bruno’s appearance on the chat show, which involved one of Ellen’s famous pranks.Not because it was taking a shot at me, but I was thinking about aspiring young musicians who want to do this and even hearing the thought you need a fragrance or something like that is just is, you know what I would like to make a little speech and talk to them about this. The video of Mars pranking an unsuspecting nurse that was filmed while the musician waited for his turn to come on set has gone viral.



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