Who is aubrey plaza dating 2016


Say something you would say,' and I went, ' Leave me alone!,' and he was like ' Oh, that was perfect!Anna, of course, is married to the ever-lovable Chris Pratt. The 29-year-old actress has become so closely associated with her TV character, however, that some fans have trouble differentiating Plaza from her onscreen persona.PHOTOS: Funniest women in Hollywood "I was in New Orleans this spring, and a guy came up to me and screamed, ' It's you, it's you!Even so, the Delaware native says she finds most things funny. Whether it was a sh-tty job, a boring class, or anything, my brain is always looking at it through that lens," she explains."It's probably some kind of defense mechanism." , a coming-of-age comedy set in 1993 about a recent high school graduate who makes it her mission to hook up with multiple men before her freshman year of college."I think like, the fact that it was a comedy, I got to find the humor in it." One person who never fails to make Plaza laugh is her boyfriend, screenwriter/director Jeff Baena.

Do it again.' And I was like, ' No, really, leave me alone! "I was thinking that it's awesome that I play this mean character.It's kind of hilarious because I think I have a 'mean-girl pass' at this point. " PHOTOS: Summer movie guide Not every joke has gone over so well -- like when Plaza crashed the stage and interrupted Will Ferrell's acceptance speech during the MTV Movie Awards in April.



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    “Hello there, stepping in for Randy I’m Matthew Perry.

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