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For example, you can’t rest on your laurels and think that merely having Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor (your old boss! There will always be someone there to one-up you: Not only did this pair get Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to do their wedding, it was “her second gay ceremony following the court’s decision striking down laws that had denied federal benefits to same-sex spouses.” But wait, what’s this? 1, Jane Kucera and Paul Nitze, are putting up a good fight — their story includes Harvard, Yale, “secretary of the Navy,” “deputy assistant secretary of state,” “Justice Department,” “first congresswoman to be elected from New York State,” and, most ominously, “the chairman of … In second place were Kate Heinzelman and Jonathan Cooper, whose Parents score of 13 was surpassed only by their Universities score of 18.

Rounding out the podium in third place were Stephanie Psaki and Adam Frankel, who earned 11 Locales points on the strength of having an announcement that mentioned Bermuda, Greenwich, and Aspen.

(The groom in that one was a former speechwriter for Obama; the bride, according to the announcement, “found the small gap in his front teeth charming, and his intelligence engaging.”) Other noteworthy folks who made the two months’ combined Top 25 included: the great-grandson of Richard Nixon’s former running mate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.; two former hammer throwers on the Harvard track team; the son of the former ambassador to Costa Rica and Brazil; and a descendant of Peter Stuyvesant. A pair of lawyers from the SEC and EPA, and a girl with good, rich Mayflower blood. I’m trying to figure out which in-law I’d have to marry to introduce a “Bakes-Buckles” branch into the family.

It happened six months before the birth of the groom, not when he was a baby.

And it misstated part of the name of the Daft Punk song played at the couple’s Sept. It is “Get Lucky,” not “Get Funky.” There’s no offseason when it comes to the New York Times wedding announcements; you always have to be on your game, especially if you want to win top honors in our proprietary NUPTIALS ranking, based on the scoring algorithm outlined here. that produces explosive detection equipment.” All together, it’s enough to earn them the top spot on the September/October Society Scorecard, with a total of 42 points.

It’s so us.“ Let’s turn our attention instead to perhaps the greatest correction ever to grace the pages of the New York Times “Weddings & Celebrations” section.

I hear that’s a really up-and-coming neighborhood — good for you. I know, I know, it’s been two months since we last — oh, did you not hear? I don’t really like to talk about it these days, but in late September I … I read something awful, something just so senseless that it basically left me speechless for these last six weeks. [] Honestly, it’s not even worth it to go line by line through this announcement because it will make me too angry, but suffice it to say that this is an article that includes an unhappy marriage and an unhappier mortgage; the graphic and borderline cinematic death of a 5-year-old girl; the questionable demise of a relationship; an overshare about “perfect sexual chemistry” placed just two paragraphs away from a description of a sleeping child; and a wedding dress described spookily as “pigeon-blood red” — and yet you still get the sense that the people involved read this story and turned to each other with longing in their eyes and were all “Oh, honey, it’s just perfect.

I’ve been following you on Instagram — congratulations on the new place! I read the love story of Erika Halweil and Corey De Rosa.



Recently the ACA – an organization that educates leaders, ensures camp safety and accredits over 2,400 camps – created a short video. Watch the video below: For over a century, millions of other people have also been positively impacted by camp. For some, camp helped unearth a skill they never knew they had.



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