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Ashanti and Nelly are not back together, so says Ashanti.The r&b singer stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 this week to talk about her new album, Braveheart, but the conversation quickly turned to her ex, Nelly. As we told you yesterday, the singer faced her stalker of over a decade in court this week — and now, the verdict is in!Devar Hurd — who represented himself in court — was found guilty by an NYC jury and will face more time in jail. In case you didn't know, Hurd has been stalking the singer's family for years and confessed to sending her hundreds of lewd tweets and text messages.


Just last month, Hip Hollywood caught up with Ashanti in Las Vegas at the Soul Train Awards where we asked her about her latest project, and why it’s been delayed. He defended himself by saying Ashanti simply could've "blocked" him on social media.Related: Mandy Moore's Stalker Slapped With A Three-Year Restraining Order!Hurd was ultimately found guilty of felony second degree stalking and will face anywhere between one and a half to four years behind bars. To catch you up, Devar Hurd has been stalking the singer and her family since 2003, went to prison for a couple years in 2009 for sending Ashanti's mom pictures of himself masturbating, and has since continued the gross behavior.


This week, nearly 13 years since this all began, Hurd began his trial for a felony stalking case on Tuesday for sending the R&B singer hundreds of sexually explicit tweets and violating a restraining order.

As he has in the past, Hurd is once again representing himself in court — which means he will be cross-examining Ashanti himself. Related: Sugar Ray Leonard Is Being Stalked By Man With Violent Criminal Past!



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