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1992 claiming sexism, she was fired from the gig, and severed her longstanding ties with Leno, in one of the messiest show biz divorces on record.

Jerry Seinfeld refused to speak to Stern for years, after the radio host fired off salvos at the sitcom star after discovering he was dating a 17-year-old girl named Shoshanna Lonstein in 1993. After playing sound drops of gunshots over her music, a Harlingen, Tex.judge issued a warrant for the radio star’s arrest for disorderly conduct.The King of All Media mixed it up with Bon Jovi in 1988 after they snubbed his show to appear on other radio programs in New York City.The feud worsened when late comic Sam Kinison, a show regular and friend of the band, vowed to bring the New Jersey hit-makers in the studio to make peace with the shock jock, but no-showed the radio star as a prank. Vicious feuds with both the loud funny man and rock band that were both eventually resolved.

Stern offered a rare apology, in Spanish, a week later.

to kiss one another and submit to spankings -- all without Leno’s knowledge or consent.



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    Medvirkende: Ditte Gråbøl, Lisbet Dahl, Claus Ryskjær, Ulf Pilgaard og Niels Olsen. Cirkusrevyen fejrede revyens 60 års jubilæum i 1995 med "Blot til lyst", en sketch af Niels Olsen og et potpourri over gamle numre, "Tillykke med de 60", der var bearbejdet af Ida og Bent From).

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