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They want them to either be in Mykonos or in the Med this spring and summer or some new destination.Only the higher profile celebrities really have this option. Too much saturation as they swarm all over Dubai and have really lowered the demand and prices.Yacht season in the Med is still the number one requested time of the year. One, the filming season for shows is over and also the stars add some vacation time to the end or can arrange for some day long visit to the various film festivals/conventions going on in the region during that time period so they can also get the studio/festival organizer give them some money/cover.Below are the biggest 50 celebrities either who have signed up or who are desired.His meetings last week in Miami were extensive and this week here in LA he has been busy for 15-16 hours a day meeting and speaking with reps of celebrities hoping to cash in on the celebrity sex trade.One thing he has noticed over the past year is that many celebrities, especially the higher profile ones no longer want to go to Dubai for these meetings.They know that if it is reported they are in Dubai, that everyone immediately knows what they are doing there, no matter how good the cover story. Another change since last year is that, much like Hollywood, superheroes, or at least the women who star on shows with superheroes or are superheroes themselves are big business. there were two notable exceptions to the reality doldrums. Another change Bani has noticed since last year is his ability to reach out to an agent or manager directly and discuss “business opportunities” in Dubai and have the agent/manager/rep know exactly what it is about and give a yes or no fairly quickly.This has allowed Bani to go through the “shopping list” quickly and to focus on deals that can get done.

Those who are simply desired rather than committed have an **** after their description.

#4- This B list mostly television actress who was on a hit almost network show got her first taste of the Med this past summer and has signed up for multiple weeks this year.



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